Merlco focuses on Low Cost sourcing, Strategic sourcing, and Global sourcing to provide our clients with the necessary service that they need. Low Cost sourcing is where Merlco locates regions that take advantage of lower labor costs and lower material costs. Strategic Sourcing is assessing the clients current supplier base. Then running a risk assessment and total cost saving analysis to shifting the supplier base to another region. Global Sourcing is identifying global efficiencies and then building a supply chain around those efficiencies.


Quality Control»more

Merlco's quality control team designs client specific quality control procedures to ensure that the final product meets the clients high standards. Quality control at Merlco focuses on quality assurance as to eliminate quality issues prior to production. This saves time, money, and material. Merlco also conducts factory audits per clients outlined requirements.

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Business Consulting»more

Merlco's business consulting entails procurement office management, product development and, project based consulting. Merlco can manage a procurement office or establish and run a procurement office for your company. Merlco's clients are able to reduce their exposure to a certain market and eliminate start up costs. Product development is an expensive and risky process and Merlco will reduce both the cost and risk to our clients. Merlco's team can also take an idea and make a product out of it. Using Merlco for product development allows our clients to avoid additional labor costs and still have the control over product development.